South Wishaw Parish Church

Loving God - Loving Each Other

Who we are



We endeavour to be a friendly and welcoming church which promotes God’s kingdom within our parish and wider community.


That all members of our congregation will be engaged in providing facilities and activities that encourage and attract people of all ages to participate in events where they experience a welcome Christian atmosphere and to see the measurable growth of our church.


As a local congregation of the Church of Scotland we have pastoral responsibility for those who live within our parish boundary. This stretches from Waterloo to Wishawhill along the main route through the town centre, down to Pather towards Gowkthrapple and along to Netherton. Of course, anyone is welcome to come to our Church no matter where they live. 

Our Minister, Rev Terry Moran, is Chaplain to Thornlie Primary School and one of the Chaplains at Clyde Valley High School. Although Netherton Primary School is also within our parish this is looked after by the people at Netherton Methodist Church. 

Our Church leadership is formed of ordained Elders. We call this our Kirk Session (KS). Under our constitution the KS oversees the practical, business and spiritual life of our Church. The KS is moderated (chaired) by our Minister. 

Ian Lindsay is our Session Clerk and his wife Mari is our Deputy Session Clerk. The Minister and serving Elders are Trustees of our Church, which is a registered charity. 

All meetings of the KS are open for anyone to attend. You may be invited to speak but only Elders may vote. A full meeting of the congregation (Stated Annual Meeting) is held annually.

We recently changed our administrative/ministry structures (see Compass magazine) and introduced the following Teams:

Events Team [Leader, Sabah Moran]; social and fundraising ideas/events

Hospitality  Team [Leader, Marjorie McGeary] - Cafe,  teas on Sundays, food hygiene, kitchen, catering and other support for Events Team activities.

Resources Team [Leader, John McGeary] - finances, fabric: buildings, grounds, proposed annexe, lettings  and Health & Safety

Admin Team [Leader, Mari Lindsay] - Church admin, bookings, notices, information point, communication, Congregational Roll and archiving

Community Outreach Team [Leader, Terry Moran] - mission & evangelism, Foodbank and Recovery Group;

Family Team [Leader, Sabah Moran] - Jelly Tots, Kingdom Kids, Youth Church, Kids & Youth Clubs; 

Pastoral Team [Leader, Terry Moran] - pastoral/visits/home visitation group;

Business Committee Team [Convener, Session Clerk] - minister and Clerks to deal with agenda for Session, correspondence, stewardship programme and safeguarding;

Leadership Team [Leader, Terry Moran] - the Team Leaders to meet regularly with Business Committee to discuss and coordinate work and implementation of vision.

Each Team Leader is responsible for inviting others to serve alongside them on their Team. (Worship and discipleship are the remit of our Minister.)

Scottish Charity No. SC010775